Franz Joseph Blomendahl founded BLOMENDAHL VINEYARDS CC in 2003 with

the main focus on the sourcing of different vineyards with specific soil types

and terrior in South Africa to suit the creation of specific wines.

Franz Joseph has 25 years experience in the international wine and spirit

Arena as award winning winemaker, distiller and negotiant and this

Experience is invested in different joint ventures with well known, established

wine and grape producers of South Africa. Blomendahl Vineyards also

acquired the marketing expertise of The Franco┬┤B Consultancy, with more than 22 years marketing and sales experience in the International Wine and

Spirit Industry, to render the necessary marketing support.

Blomendahl Vineyards has currently control of the production 126 ha o these

vineyards with 50% ownership of the harvest. Blomendahl Vineyards also

acquired an additional 3 wine producing farms in different wine regions with

a total production of 26ha. This represents a total of 1875 ha of land spread

amongst the 7 best-known wine producing regions of South Africa.

Blomendahl Vineyards has the capacity and expertise to produce wines ranging from the popular level to Ultra Premium level, own labels, boutique wines as well as the creation of specialist brands. Blomendahl Vineyards is one of very few wine  Producers who combine such a level of international expertise with the unique vineyards of  South Africa, rendering a flexiblity that creates a competitive edge.

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