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Blomendahl is an artisanal distillery and winery in the cool climate of the Elgin mountains, that prides itself on truly crafting its own wines and spirits. Unlike many distillers we make our spirits from scratch ourselves, so that you know where it (and our carefully sourced quality ingredients) comes from. We’re one of the few distilleries in the world using grapes as the base for our spirits, which we originally made into high quality wines and stored on the barrel, our master distiller then had a dream to produce the highest quality Gin, Vodka and other spirits from our wines by triple distilling them to make our base neutral spirit. We then use this base spirit to handcraft our various products. We are also proud to be extending our range and introducing various products into South Africa.

The Distillery


Blomendahl uses a custom Kothe copper pot still to ensure that the distillate for the spirits is of a very high quality. The characteristic of a Kothe pot still is...

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The Winery

Our symbol of the feather originates from our very first wine cellar in South Africa, in which we were under the constant watchful eye of...

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The Team

Blomendahl Team

Our dedicated Team of hardworking entrepreneurs strives to deliver the best possible products for you.

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Craft Distillery

We offer multiple different seminars to educate the curious mind about the wine and spirit production.

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Our Cocktails


Feel free to take a peek at our skillfully created cocktail recipes to spark your own creativity. We encourage you to share your ideas on one of our social media pages.

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We have put together a collection of memories which will give you an idea of what we have been up to in the past years.

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Alter Schwede

A smooth Herb Liqueur that dates back to 1648 with over 200 different herbs all balanced to offer you the smoothest drinking experience.


Blomendahl Vodka

A refreshing and pure Vodka, handcrafted in the cool Elgin Valley and combined with our mountain spring water.

Blomendahl Gin

A refreshing combination of botanicals, organic lemons and premium grape spirit to create this smooth drinking experience.


Blomendahl Apple Liqueur

A fruity Apple Liqueur, handcrafted in the cool Elgin Valley with premium apples and high quality grape spirit.