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Blomendahl Apple Liqueur

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Apple Liqueur

Blomendahl Apple Liqueur

A delicious apple liqueur with a fresh and fruity taste. This balanced liqueur is the result of premium apples, the cool climate of the Elgin Valley, the finest grape base and our fresh spring water. When these first-class ingredients are combined in the correct quantities and in a specific way, this fine liqueur is the result.

Hand Crafted

Glass Flasks

After long experimentation we finally combined the perfect amounts of apple with premium grape spirit and mountain spring water. The end result was a fine, hand crafted Apple Liqueur which reflects the very essence of a Craft Distillery.

Cocktail Recipes


Our fruity Apple Liqueur is also versatile in the ways it can be enjoyed. It can provide the special something in many drinks. You can also enjoy it neat on ice or as a cocktail, simply add tonic to create a cider-like drink.