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The History Of Alter Schwede

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The Discription

Alter Schwede is an elegant traditional German Herb Liqueur that dates back to 1648 with a rich heritage.

Alter Schwede contains only the finest quality products consisting of triple distilled spirits that was made from the finest wine, more than 200 traditional herbs and spices and our mountain spring water from our farm in the Elgin Highlands.

The herbs and spices are harvested from Europe, Scandinavia, certain Asian countries and now also South Africa. It can take up to a year to harvest and properly prepare certain herbs for final production.

This liqueur was originally distilled in Germany by Wein Kohlhoff and is now also produced in South Africa under license by Blomendahl in the Elgin.

The Origin

The secret recipe for Alter Schwede was discovered in the beginning of the 17th century when a Swedish degladation with Graf Johan Ochsenstierna had the ambivalent pleasure of negotiating the peace treaty in Germany.

Delagations from Austria, France, numerous smaller princedoms and other political resistance groups gathered in the old Hanseatic City of Osnabrueck. The Swedish delegation not only added flavour to the peace treaty, but also brough with them their favourite beverage: this special herb liqueur.

After the negotiations they left for Sweden and the recipe was discovered in this old ancestrial house on an alley called Swedenstreet. The German people decided to name the liqueur Alter Schwede, in honour of the successful completion of the peace treaty.

Till today, the Alter Schwede Gmbh Distillery in Germany have been keeping this recipe in honour of the Swedish negotiation delegation of 1648. “Alter Schwede” means to “enjoy it old style today”, “Old Swede”, “old friend” or “old chap”