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Blomendahl Whisky

Whisky Barrel

Single Malt Whisky

Blomendahl Whisky Barrel

This Whisky will represent the best of both worlds by using a limited batch of peated malt, blended with non-peated malt. It is created for the discerned lover of a single malt Whisky who prefers a Whisky that reflects a strong hint of peat whilst retaining the typical characteristics of a small batch malt Whisky. The Whisky also has a well-rounded wood character from the Casks.

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Kothe Copper Pot Still

Blomendahl Distillery

The Whisky is distilled at least 3 times, to ensure the highest possible quality of Single Malt Whisky available. During the distillation process, the Master Distiller, FJ, will guard the Copper Pot Still diligently to ensure that the best possible spirit is produced.

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The Single Malt will have a strong peated character, while still allowing the characteristics of this finely crafted small batch single malt Whisky to create a balance on the palate. Best enjoyed on the rocks.