Winery and Distillery

About The Winery


Our symbol of the feather originates from our very first wine cellar in South Africa, in which we were under the constant watchful eye of the barn owl, who occasionally left a feather on our barrels. This also portrays the painstaking care and our light natural touch with which we create our premium products. The grapes are all carefully sourced and hand picked to ensure that only the best grapes are used. During the process we follow strict quality controls and keep sulphur at a minimal level to ensure a natural and pleasant product. When our wines are ready for aging they are placed in the finest oak barrels which provide them with a distinct and unique wood flavour. Our wines are all handcrafted in the cool Elgin Valley which is one of the prime wine regions in South Africa; this adds to the quality of our products.

Our Headquarters

The Blomendahl headquarters are on our wine farm BASCO in the cool Elgin Valley. Our award-winning products have their origin here, where they are developed and tested in our own laboratory. The grapes for our wines come from BASCO and our partner farms in the best wine regions within the Western Cape and are handpicked to ensure premium quality.