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Blomendahl Spirit Range

Alter Schwede

Alter Schwede

A smooth Herb Liqueur that dates back to 1648 with over 200 different herbs all balanced to offer you the smoothest drinking experience.


Blomendahl Vodka

A refreshing and pure Vodka, handcrafted in the cool Elgin Valley and combined with our mountain spring water..


Blomendahl Gin

A refreshing combination of botanicals, organic lemons and premium grape spirit to create this smooth drinking experience.


Blomendahl Apple

A fruity Apple Liqueur, handcrafted in the cool Elgin Valley with premium apples and high quality grape spirit.


Blomendahl Whisky Barrel

This Whisky was created for the discerned lover of a Single Malt Whisky who prefers a Whisky that is not peated and reflects the typical characteristics of a small batch malt Whisky.

Our Wines

Blomendahl Wine

A fruity, rounded and persistent Wine. a perfect match to new world style and connoisseurs enjoyment.