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Blomendahl Farm on Basco

Alter Schwede

Alter Schwede

A special, smooth herb liqueur – crafted strictly after the original recipe from 1648. Alter Schwede is an extraordinary herb liqueur with a full body and smooth taste. The combination of over 200 different herbs and spices together with our premium grape base makes Alter Schwede an amazingly complex and elegant herb liqueur.


Blomendahl Gin

This is a fresh Gin with crisp citrus aromas complementing the botanical spices. To ensure a balanced gin with an abundance of flavours and a smooth, silky finish, we take painstaking care in the entire production process.


Blomendahl Vodka

Blomendahl Vodka is a premium grape-based vodka which was crafted from barrel-aged wines, some aged for over 7 years. It was then distilled to perfection before being aged in steel tanks for a further 8 years until finally being blended with our fresh spring water.

Apple Liqueur

Blomendahl Apple

A delicious apple liqueur with a fresh and fruity taste. This balanced liqueur is the result of premium apples, the cool climate of the Elgin Valley, the finest grape base and our fresh spring water. When these first-class ingredients are combined in the correct quantities and in a specific way, this fine liqueur is the result.


Blomendahl Whisky Barrel

This first batch release of the Blomendahl Whisky is a triple single malt – Single Batch, Single Barrel & Single Malt. Lovingly distilled in our custom-built copper potstill and aged for over 3 years in a 50L barrel that was specifically crafted for this whisky. This small barrel gives the whisky a superb flavour profile of sweet vanilla and delicate caramel to complement its malty character. Our limited-edition whisky is meant for sipping neat or on the rocks.


Blomendahl Wine

An exceptional and smooth rum with an unexpected flavour profile. What happens when you redistill a rum that was aged in barrels for over 2 years? A premium white rum with subtle oaky flavours mixed with hints of vanilla and caramel all extracted from spending years in oak barrels.

Mini Range

Blomendahl Minis

Our range of miniatures is now available in our B-Shop! Simply click on the B-Shop button in the menu above to order them now.

Our Wines

Blomendahl Grapes

We also offer a unique range of wines, some of them are over a decade old! Find out more...

Honey Liqueur

Blomendahl Honey

We recently put up our very own beehive and harvested our first jars of premium flowhive honey in 2021. Our B Honey Liqueur is made from small batch raw honey from our partners at RWD Honeybees. Available in our B-Shop!