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The History Of Blomendahl Vineyards

Blomendahl Vineyards

FJ Blomendahl founded BLOMENDAHL VINEYARDS CC in 2003 in the Elgin Valley with the main focus on the sourcing of different vineyards with specific soil types and terrior in South Africa to suit the creation of specific wines. Recently we added the production of various spirits to our list of passions. Among others our spirits include: Whisky, Gin, Vodka, various Liqueurs and our famous Alter Schwede. FJ has over 35 years of experience in the international wine and spirit industry as award winning winemaker and distiller. This Experience is invested in different joint ventures with well known, established wine and grape producers of South Africa. Blomendahl Vineyards currently owns the smallest wine farm in South Africa named after our late Rhodesian Ridgeback ‘Basco’ who inspired many of our creations. This farm is situated in the cool climate of the Elgin mountains which allows for premium grape quality. Blomendahl Vineyards has the capacity and expertise to produce wines and spirits ranging from the popular level to Ultra Premium level, own labels, boutique wines and spirits as well as the creation of specialist brands. Blomendahl Vineyards is one of very few wine and spirits Producers who combine such a level of international expertise with the unique vineyards of South Africa, rendering a flexiblity that creates a competitive edge.