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Blomendahl at the ITFFA Awards Ceremony


May 2021

Presenting Blomendahl Spirits at the ITFFA. Blomendahl is a proud partner of the International Tourism and Film Festival Africa.

B Honey - First Harvest

Blomendahl Makes Honey

January 2021

First harvest of our premium flowhive honey.

Mini Gin Festival at Cause & Effect Bar

Benedikt Receives the Michelangelo Trophy

April 2021

Blomendahl at the mini gin festival from Cause & Effect Bar at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Come visit them to taste some amazing cocktails with the Blomendahl Gin, Apple Liqueur and Alter Schwede.  

Blomendahl Rum in the Seychelles


October 2019

Introducing Blomendahl Rum in the Seychelles, along with the award winning Blomendahl Spirit Range.

Best Vodka Certificate

Blomendahl Receives Best Vodka Trophy

October 2019

Benedikt and FJ Blomendahl proudly receiving the certificate for the Best Vodka.

Michelangelo Awards Evening

Benedikt Receives the Michelangelo Trophy

October 2019

Benedikt Blomendahl receiving a Platium Award for Blomendahl's Botanical Gin and the Trophy for Best Vodka for Blomendahl Vodka.

Michelangelo Trophy Winners

Michelangelo 2019 Trophy Winners

October 2019

Benedikt and FJ Blomendahl in the Michelangelo Trophy Winners group photo.

Malt Whisky Trail

Whisky Trail Scottland

September 2018

The Blomendahl Family finds inspiration for the, soon to be released, Blomendahl Whisky on the Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland.

Blomendahl Spirits Tasting

Blomendahl Spirits Tasting

March 2018

A fine tasting of our brand new range of Blomendahl Spirits with very positve feedback.

New Grapes Arriving

Wine Harvest

February 2018

The wine harvest arrived at the Blomendahl cellar on our farm, Basco.

Wine Tasting

Wine Cellar Tasting

December 2017

A lovely wine tasting in the beautiful wine cellar of the Basco farm.

Investec Golf Tournament

Investec Event

November 2017

The promotion of Alter Schwede and our various cocktails and a lucky draw for an Alter Schwede Gift Box at the Investec Golf Tournament.

Sanlam Hand Craft Exhibition in Joburg

Sanlam Exhibition

October 2016

The introduction of the unique herb liqueur, Alter Schwede, at the Sanlam Hand Craft Exhibition in Joburg.

Whisky Distilling

Kothe Distillery

June 2016

The first barrel of Whisky was distilled in this Kothe Copper Pot Still.

Wine Show Namibia

Miss Namibia

May 2009

FJ Blomendahl at a wine show in Namibia with Miss Namibia.